“I started having difficulty falling and staying asleep two years prior meeting James. He worked the way to solve this problem and with my commitment and consistency on listening to the track, it’s been months now that I no longer remember how it felt to have a sleepless night. The therapy works even when I am miles away, in Mexico.” – Catalina Munguía

“I think you have done a marvelous job on my brain James & I’m very grateful to you. Yes, I committed to the process wholeheartedly to try and gain the maximum benefit and feel proud to have been one of your first ever clients! You are a superb Hypnotherapist & I know you and all the clients you see will go from strength to strength.” – Jackie Brooks

“James explained the reasons behind hypnotherapy very clearly. The sessions provided a useful tool for relaxation and helped immensely with stopping smoking.” – Michael Brownbill

“I approached James looking for help with issues I had regarding anxiety and depression, together with my desire to give up smoking.

Our weekly sessions were always conducted by James in a professional, considerate, and respectful manner, which together with James’ naturally amiable and approachable manner, enabled me to quickly feel calm and confident in his ability to assist in resolving my issues.

My difficulties surrounding anxiety and depression were dealt with primarily and positive results began to be apparent more swiftly than expected. This was compounded by my GP noticing a tangible difference in me and stating that such was my improvement, I no longer needed my regular monthly appointment with her.

Having accomplished that, James then conducted the session for me to give up smoking, which was an immediate success. At the time of writing, I have not had a cigarette for almost four months and aside from the obvious health advantages, I am also enjoying the significant financial benefits.

I have had hypnotherapy treatment in the past with varying degrees of success, so I am able to fairly compare James to other such practitioners. I can confidently state that in my opinion, he is the best I have met, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending James to anyone who is looking for hypnotherapy treatment.” – Tony Seden

“James worked with me in May 2022 to help me overcome my fear of flying in preparation for a much awaited family holiday in June.

My fear and anxiety around flying began approximately 20 years prior and had gradually increased in severity, culminating in me needing to drink before boarding a plane in an attempt to calm my nerves. Since having my daughter I had become very self conscious of my fear, not wishing to adversely influence her experience in anyway and so it was my desperate wish to conquer the fear.

James worked with me over four Zoom sessions, the last of which took place less than 48 hours before my flight. Due to external circumstances I only had one week to complete my four sessions which James did explain would normally take place over four weeks with one week between each session. I was concerned that given the length of time available the impact of the hypnotherapy would not be sufficient to quell my fears but I was willing to give it a go regardless. I could not have been more delighted with the results!

I completed the course, listening every night (plus extra times during the day) to the relaxation track James provided to me. I completed the homework tasked after the third session, which I actually really enjoyed doing and by the evening before departure I was feeling more excited that I was afraid. I was excited to see if the course had worked. When I flew with my family, I’m pleased to report that the only times when I felt close to tears was when I realised that I was no longer afraid which made me incredibly emotional. I suddenly realised that I had been holding myself back and making everything so much harder for myself when it came to flying for so long and now it was time for it to stop. The sense of freedom at this realisation was fantastic and I would not have been able to reach this level of insight were it not for James. I am incredibly grateful.

I have since listened to the relaxation track many times since my sessions ended and will continue to do so. I find it calming and empowering, a perfect antidote to a stressful or busy day.

In summary, I have so enjoyed working with James. His friendly and approachable manner, along with his professionalism means that I would recommend his services in a heartbeat and I also would not hesitate to contact him should I have need of hypnotherapy again in the future.” – Alexis K-J