Yes You Can Hypnotherapy combines a wide range of psychotherapeutic techniques with highly effective relaxation and hypnotic practices that often translate into clients achieving incredible results way beyond what they thought possible (see our Testimonials Page) within just a few weeks’ time:

• Typically 8 – 12 sessions for most conditions (a normal session lasts 50 minutes)
• Just 4 sessions for specific phobias and
• Just 1 (extended) session for smoking cessation

Moreover the sessions are completely:

• Geared to the individual client
• Are extremely relaxing, energising and enjoyable

And given that our sessions always look to the positives and the future, they:

• Achieve positive changes and results FAST

In addition, they are not upsetting and draining like many other types of therapies can be.

They are light-hearted and fun and seen by most clients as a lovely way to spend 50 minutes of their time, whilst making the improvements and changes that they wish to achieve.

At Yes You Can Hypnotherapy, we offer our treatments both online and face-to-face, at the discretion of the client in question. Both methods are equally effective.

Available Worldwide

By offering our services online, this means that we can treat clients literally anywhere in the world, making Yes You Can Hypnotherapy a truly global offering. Just make sure you have a decent Internet connection!

NB Hypnotherapy is effective however, success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is important. Listening to the Hypnosis Track between sessions is a vital element in the process and participation is necessary. This will be fully explained during the initial consultation.